Monday, May 4, 2009

Patricia C. Wrede

My mother read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles aloud to my brother and me when I was in second grade.  We adored them (to the dress up like a fire witch for halloween level adore them). Her regency era magic series, written in a letter writing game with Caroline Stevermer, was enjoyable, but didn't win its way into my heart as easily as The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.   

Wrede is not an author who I keep monthly tabs on, like Marillier and Pierce.  So, I was extremely excited (the extremely is necessary as seniors in college aren't good at excitability during finals week, they're mostly dreary) to see a Wrede post on Tor's blog.  

Her new book is entitled Thirteenth Child and is a combination of magic and pioneer America.  As I haven't yet read the book, look here for more information.  It is now the first book on my de-stressing after school list.  I promise a review once I get my hands on a copy....

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