Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nancy Drew

Yes, that infamous girl detective, whose early days were spent with a pistol in hand (early days which have since vanished). Now, up until June, I could safely say that I had never read a Nancy Drew Mystery. This statement was so shocking to some friends that a number of mysteries were forced upon me. I say "a number" because the friends in question had just been gifted the entire collection and had some difficulty in deciding which I should read first. As it turns out, The Scarlet Slipper Mystery was to be my first and last foray into the world of Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew is a Mary Sue character; pretty, "slim", rich, well-loved, good at everything she tries, she is a character without major flaws, and therefore one who does not experience change. With a perfect boyfriend, a perfect father, and two friends who highlight her perfection, she is boring. Nancy Drew is the ideal of an upper-class American girl. And while the many (many) mysteries add spice and drama to her life, it is always at the expense of others- always less fortunate people. And while these less-fortunate individuals fawn over the perfect Miss Drew, one is left long longing for Miss Drew to finally fawn over one of them, showing that everyone can look up to someone else.

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  1. I won't lie: upon hearing that you had never read a Nancy Drew book my impression was "That was smart of you".

    Supposedly the more recent Nancy Drew books by ghost writers are pretty good. But then, Meg Cabot's books were also supposedly good.