Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sometimes you need something funny. If you're me, you'd rather read something funny than anything else, at least most days of the week. Spaceheadz is funny, ridiculous, features out of this world characters (literally), some fun websites, and is exactly what you need for the beach this summer. Oh yeah, and once you read it you can help save the world.

It's the first day in a new school for Michael K. and he desperately wants it to go well. But the two kids sitting next to him (and their hamster) are weird. Out of this world weird. In fact, they're Spaceheadz and have selected Michael to help them save the world from something I'm sure glad didn't happen. Meanwhile, Agent Umber, from the Anti Alien Agency (AAA), is on the job, trying to protect the earth from aliens. Will Spaceheadz be able to evade this pickle-phone toting agent? Or will Mrs. Halley's homework get in the way?

A ridiculous middle grade book from the incomparable Jon Scieszka, with help from Francesco Sedita and illustrations by Shane Prigmore.

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