Saturday, August 21, 2010

Enola Holmes

Have I seriously neglected to mention Enola Holmes? Dear me, how utterly dreadful to have kept such wonders from you.

Last summer I went through a phase in which I listened to Sherlock Holmes as I worked. BBC radio dramas, the stories read aloud with and without supporting casts....if the library had it I grabbed it. When I exhausted my library's selection, I ventured into the middle grade section, hoping to catch up on middle grade novels published during my college years. I ran across an Enola Holmes mystery and was back the next day to grab all the audios they had. Katherine Kellgren reads for the audio versions and her voice is perfect- and that's not a word I generally like to use. The novels are written in the first person- we see the world through Enola's eyes. Kellgren's talents are wonderful and her voice as Enola's is captivating.

Enola Holmes (series)
by Nancy Springer
Enola Holmes is the younger sister of that most famous of detectives. Her name backwards is alone, which is important if you're the sort of person who believes in fate or destiny. When her mother mysteriously disappears, Mycroft and Sherlock descend upon the country house. Refusing to be sent to finishing school by Mycroft, Enola disguises herself and runs away to London where she solves her own cases while also managing to evade her brothers. Enola is a strong, intelligent character with sly sleuthing skills to rival Sherlock’s. A fast-paced period-perfect series of adventures. 12 & up.

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