Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spring books from Scholastic

Where's Walrus
by Stephen Savage
February 2011
Tired of the zoo and looking for something new, walrus heads out into the city. In each spread he hides somewhere new, trying to elude the zookeeper out to bring him back. With a delightful surprise ending, children will be able to tell different stories about the illustrations each time they read it. Savage tells his wordless story through c
lear, graphic illustrations that will delight even the youngest child while design-conscious adults may wish to pick up a copy for their coffee table.
Hippo and Rabbit: 3 Short Tales
by Jeff Mack
February 2011
Three sweet stories about a new duo who are sure to become a fast favorite. Hippo is silly and bumbling, his friend Rabbit quick and ready. But together they are a great team and the best of friends. The cartoony illustrations in an eye-catching palette are sure to appeal to youngsters. Hopefully this is just the first in a series starring Hippo and Rabbit. While Frog and Toad are forever, this generation may have found a new team.

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