Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fall Picture Books from Random House

An Annoying ABC
by Barbara Bottner
illustrated by Michael Emberley
There are so many ABC books that you have t
o do something unique and interesting if you want any attention. Bottner and Emberley have succeeded, creating an energetic and engaging alphabet. Each quirky, individual child in Miss Mabel's class, has a name beginning with a different letter of the alphabet (excepting "M" for Miss Mabel herself). All is well in Miss Mabel's class until Adelaide annoys a classmate, and havoc runs though the alphabet, each child doing something to set off the alphabetical next child. Constant movement runs through Emberley's illustrations with the next annoying act foreshadowed in each. Though Bottner's text is sweet, Emberley gives it a true story, one that will have kids gasping and giggling.

Into the Outdoors
by Susan Gal
A family departs on a camping trip, heading out on a hike once their camp site is set up. Simple text is accompanied by retro illustrations, creating a poetic journey for the family. Woodland creatures follow the family, intrigued by their adventure. Gal's lovely illustrations bring the bright patterns of the family into the soft, natural textures of the forest, capturing the hazy atmosphere of mountain views and the varying landscape elements of the forest.

by Norton Juster
illustrated by G. Brian Karas
When a boy moves to a new neighborhood he is certain that everything is going to be horrible. The worst part? No friends. When his mother tells him to go for a walk, whatever will he do? With no one to play with and no one to talk to, the boy begins calling for Neville. Soon, other kids have heard him and begin calling as well. Before you know it, the entire neighborhood is out calling for Neville- whoever Neville is. Norton Juster has done it again-- Neville is a unique text with a brilliant ending.

Ollie the Purple Elephant
by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Jarrett's Lunch Lady series and Punk Farm books have established him as a humorous writer/illustrator. But Ollie the Purple Elephant breaks new ground, and proves that Jarrett is just as adept at classical drama as silly tales. Ollie is on top of the world when he is adopted by the McLaughlin family. But their cat Ginger doesn't like Ollie, and neither does Mr. Puddlebottom, who can't stand the sound of McLaughlin dance parties-- especially when there's an elephant involved. Together, Mr. Puddlebottom and Ginger conspire to get rd of Ollie, leaving the McLaughlins heartbroken . Will Ollie ever return home? With vibrant, colorful, illustrations popping off the page, Ollie is sure to become a new classic. Now, when can I order my purple elephant plush?

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