Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Stellar Team...

Extra Yarn
by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen
In a cold, dark town, Annabelle discovers a box brightly colored yarn. She knits herself a sweater, but still has yarn left over. So she knits her dog a sweater, her classmates, the people of the town...but there always seems to be extra yarn! Word of the endless yarn spreads, bringing tourists and a greedy archduke to the island. Whatever is the secret of Annabelle's yarn? And when it's stolen, will she ever get it back?

Jon Klassen's stark umber and gray-scale landscapes are slowly, beautifully altered by the variegated colors of Annabelle's yarn. Savvy knitters will notice an hommage to yarn-bombing, while sharp-eyed readers will spot a familiar bear, now sporting a sweater instead of a hat. Klassen's illustrations and Barnett's text seamlessly knit themselves together in true picturebook fashion, crafting what is sure to be a new classic.

A simple new fable from a stellar team that will find a home on high-end coffee tables and toy-strewn floors alike.

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