Friday, June 15, 2012

From Lauren Oliver, a portal fantasy

The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver 
Harper, September 18, 2012
One morning, Liza's brother Patrick is different. Her mother and her father don't notice anything, but Liza is certain that the Spindlers, wicked spider-creatures who live underground, have stolen her brother's soul. While Patrick may annoy her, Liza will do anything to get him back. Liza braves darkness and things that go bump in the night to journey below. There she meets Mirabella, a rat who prefers clothes, who agrees to guide Liza to the Spindler Queen. Readers will be amazed by the sights Liza sees and the creatures she meets, from the gnome-like Troglods who barter with lost items from Above, to the palace of the fairy-like Nids. But can Liza best the terrifying Spindler queen? Or will she lose her brother's soul-- and her own? Lauren Oliver has created an inventive portal fantasy full of fascinating characters and classic challenges that is a fantastic read-aloud for families.

I still like Liesl and Po best, but think Laika should make of movie of this in the same style as Coraline.

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