Monday, January 7, 2013

Summer YA

Pulse (Pulse, #1)

In every country, the majority of the world's population lives in States, which provide the
basic necessities for survival plus all the games and shows you could possibly want. Faith
doesn't live in a State, though her all-purpose tablet gives her access to limited shows, news,
schooling, and shopping. While it's usual for families to leave for the State, Faith will stay on
the outside, a mostly abandoned area that encompasses most of the former United States.
There are perks to this existence, from the solace of books in an abandoned elementary
school library to swinging with her best friend. But this school year, things are changing.
A talented young hacker named Hawk has latched onto Faith and is determined to be her
friend. Meanwhile, she's attracted the interest of Wade Quinn, a tall, handsome, unbelievably
athletic guy, and Dylan, who can't keep his eyes off her. On top of this, things keep moving
about Faith's bedroom at night-- entirely based on when she thinks, feels, and desires. Her
ability to control objects with her mind, or pulse, is unusual, and she has no idea where it
came from or what it means. But Faith isn't the only one on the outside with such a talent
and knowledge of her new found skill can only mean trouble.

Patrick Carman honestly portrays strong, realistic relationships that sit comfortably next to
heart-pounding action sequences. The tablets and States of Faith's world are recognizable
as a possibility of our own future and readers who enjoyed MT Anderson's Feed will be
intrigued by Carman’s vision of 2051. This summer, grab Pulse and stretch out on the beach-
- with thrilling action, budding romance, and true friendship, you won’t have any need of a
movie theater.

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