Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Fabulous Illustrated Book for All Ages

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond and Dave McKean
In a new world a bit like ours lives Ben, Harry, and Sue. One day, while they're playing, they look into themselves and find new, interesting animals. Using sticks and grass and clay, they make their creatures and give them life, much as the gods do above them. A small mouse, a beautiful bird, and a slithering snake have now come to the world. But instead of stopping to rest like the gods, Harry and Sue find within themselves a large, hairy, wolfish thing. A growling, howling, wolfy wolf. Despite Ben's protestations, they make it and as soon a it's begun to run and howl, they are gobbled up. 

Almond's story feels like a classic creation tale, with all the light and darkness, innocence and experience you might expect. The tale is timeless and McKean's illustrations capture the full range and scope of the story. A dark and timeless tale at once cautionary and inspiring. Perfect for recent graduates of all ages!

If you're a bookseller, put this on your graduation table! 

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