Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yes, that answer. To that strange question. Written by none other than the brilliant Douglas Adams. If you have not read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, stop reading, find (borrow, buy or steal) a copy, and go read it with a nice cup of Earl Grey.

Assuming you have read it you will be shocked and amazed by this news: there will be a sixth Hitchhiker's. Yes, I know there is the unfinished Salmon of Doubt from Douglas' mac, but now Eoin Colfer (of Artemis Fowl fame) has been given permission to write a different 6th book. And, based on the blurb found on Amazon, it does not take off from the snippets found on Douglas' beloved Macintosh. It is titled And Another Thing... and is currently leaving me speechless.

This book will be released October 12, 2009. When I return and get my mitts on a copy, you can expect a reaction.

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