Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

The movie comes out in October. This is a most disturbing event were it not for the featurette in which Sendak gives his approval of the project. Not only has he worked with Spike Jonze, but he gives permission for audiences to view the movie as Jonze's Wild Things, which is different from Sendak's Wild Things, which is different from all our Wild Things, even those of Dave Eggers.

Dave Eggers? Why Dave Eggers? I will explain. Dave Eggers has written the book based on the movie. It even comes in a fur-covered edition.

Confused? So are we all. So, let's go on a Wild Things media binge in October and figure it out.

*To prepare yourself, check out Terrible Yellow Eyes, where illustrators pay homage to Sendak's influential art.

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