Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holly Black's White Cat

Cassel killed his best friend, though he doesn’t know how. His family members are able to magically curse people with the touch of a finger, instantly changing memories or emotions. But Cassel has shown no sign of the ability to curse. His mother is a con artist. His brothers are mobsters. All Cassel wants is to go to school.

Holly Black’s White Cat, the first book in the curse workers series, is a complex modern fantasy full of dark deeds and strange creatures. When a white cat enters Cassel’s life and starts to take control of his dreams, Cassel begins to doubt his own memories. Maybe he is a curse worker. Maybe he didn’t kill his best friend. Maybe he, himself, is cursed. And maybe his deeds are even worse than those perpetrated by his brothers. As Cassel uncovers secrets and curses, he realizes the only way to learn the truth is to engineer a con even his family will fall for. From politics to murder to the possibilities of romance, Holly Black crafts of web of mystery and danger in this dark teen novel.

*This book is now available in paperback. If you listen to WHMP (in the Pioneer Valley) you may hear me talking about this book.

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