Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer break graphic novel

Bad Island
by Doug Tennapel
Scholastic, August 2011
Reese is forced to go on a summer vacation boating trip with his family, even though his friends' parents let them stay home alone. But a boring vacation turns into something entirely different when the family's boat is ship wreaked on a strange island. The island's only inhabitants seem to be strange creatures intent on harming the family. With no way of escaping, Reese and his family are in for one hell of a vacation- and maybe it's better that they're together.

Tennapel's artwork has a funky style and the imaginative creatures of the island are strange and unique. Reese's story is paired with flashbacks to another time and place, on a planet far from Earth. Here, large creature house smaller ones who have the ability to control them. Astute readers will draw the two stories together, piecing together the true nature of the Bad Island in this fast-paced and compelling read.

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