Friday, July 1, 2011

What toys do when you're not looking

Toys Come Home
by Emily Jenkins, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky
Schwartz & Wade, Random House, September 13th, 2011
What toys do when your back is turned is an age-old question asked by children. Author Emily Jenkins invites readers to view their playthings from the toys' vantage. A companion to Toys Go Out and Toy Dance Party, Toys Come Home is the beginning of StingRay's story from the day she is given as a day-of-birth gift. Her quest to find friends, save other toys, and learn why toys exist will delight young readers. Each chapter stands alone as a short story, and is accompanied by a detailed pencil illustration by Cadecott Medal-winner Paul Zelinsky. Filled with adventure and complemented by illustrations, Toys Come Home is sure to be a favorite bedtime read aloud- for both children and their toys.

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