Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Teen Graphic Novel

Friends with Boys by Erin Faith Hicks
First Second,February 28, 2012

Everyone feels awkward in high school, but what if the first day of high school is also your first day of public school after being homeschooled your entire life? For Maggie, public school is a frightening prospect, especially when she notices that her three older brothers have their own friends and activities. When Maggie meets Lucy and her brother, suddenly she has friends who aren't family. But there's still the matter of the ghost that's following her and the nasty volleyball team boys. Luckily, Maggie is friends with boys- and her brothers will go to ends of the earth to help her- or at least the graveyard.

With just the first few pages of her book, author/illustrator Erin Faith Hicks welcomed me into a family where I immediately felt at home. Her characters are developed, each with their own unique feel, and Maggie's family members are all linked by some distinct feature. Maggie's emotional journey will resonate with teens from all educational backgrounds and would be wonderful book to give as a gift to graduating middle-schoolers. With dynamic panels, and a host of stellar characters, Friends with Boys is sure to appeal to readers who enjoyed Anya's Ghost. Though Maggie's relationship with her own ghost remains unresolved, I can only hope this indicates further installments to come!

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