Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sci-Fi Time Travel

The Klaatu Diskos 1: The Obsidian Blade by Pete Hautman
One day Tucker's father disappears into a waver in the air, and returns a short time later with a strange girl. He won't say where he's been, or offer up a reason why he's lost his faith. Then Tunker's mother starts behaving oddly, and then, one morning, both his parents are gone.

Though the book begins slowly, I think this is due to it's place as the first book in a series, and therefore must set up characters and a world before plunging readers into the mind-bending places the Diskos leads to. Hautman uses the Diskos as portals for time-travel, portals that bring both readers and characters to question concepts of religion, progress, medicine, and history. I'm haunted by this book, continually trying to make the connections between time, space, and characters. Hautman has created an incredibly intricate world, and while only some strands of the story have come together by the end, I have no doubt that his sequels will prove he has spun a masterful web indeed.

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