Friday, March 2, 2012

New graphic novel from the creator of Ghostopolis and Bad Island....

Cardboard by Doug Tennapel
Scholastic, August 2012
Cam's unemployed father gives him a cardboard box for his birthday. It's certain to be the worst birthday ever until the man they make from the cardboard comes to life. It turns out this is no ordinary cardboard and what was the lamest present ever becomes something desired by the rich bully, Marcus, who lives next door. But Marcus has a twisted imagination, and his creations develop frightening minds of their own, minds that desire the destruction of anything of human flesh. Tennapel's ability to blend unique threats and adventures while exploring family relationships is amazing. Cardboard explores a father-son relationship, one that grows stronger of the course of the book. Tennapel's fans will enjoy this fast-paced graphic novel, and maybe even find themselves developing their own creations. I'd love to see a father-son book club choose this as a selection!

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