Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another new series for young readers

Captain Awesome to the Rescue! by Stan Kirby, illustrated by George O'Connor
Simon & Schuster, April 2012

Captain Awesome has flown onto the shelves of beginning readers. With his sidekick hamster, he just might be able to defeat Queen Stinkypants (his baby sister), but what about school? Eugene (Captain Awesome) is new in town, and new in school, and on the first day of school he's already found a nemesis- Meredith. Captain Awesome may not be able to survive school alone, so when he runs into another superhero, it might be time to form a squad. For readers of The Magic Tree House comes a brand new super-awesome series complete with fun illustrations. The large text and generous spacing will make young readers feel secure in their new reading powers.

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