Monday, February 27, 2012

A new series for beginning readers

Heidi Heckelbeck Has a Secret by Wanda Coven
Simon & Schuster, March 2012

Junie B. Jones, scoot over, there's a new girl on your shelf. Heidi Heckelbeck has been home-schooled her entire life and is not looking forward to real school. Even her favorite outfit can't give her the courage she needs, especially when Melanie decides to pick on her on her first day! But Heidi Heckelbeck has a secret, a special talent that could help rid her of all her school problems, and it has to do with a spell book hidden under her bed. The first in a new series, Heidi Heckelbeck is sure to win fans. It's great to see a book that deals with the transition from homeschooling to public school, too!

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