Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yet Another Dystopian YA

The Last Princess
Poppy, Hachette, May 2012

Galaxy Craze's new YA is set, like many YA these days, in a dystopian future. England is barren, food is short, the land is barren, oil has run out, and violence is imminent. But instead of focusing on some poor guttersnipe, Craze's protagonist is no one less than a princess, Princess Eliza Windsor. When the Tudor army, a faction of anti-royalists and discontents storm the palace, Eliza's father is killed and her siblings captured. Only Eliza manages to escape into the terrifying streets of London. Thus begins Eliza's mission to save her siblings and restore the crown. The shortages are glossed over, as is the general situation of the country, and, indeed, the world as a whole. Eliza's love interest falls into the story right on cue- and most readers will guess his larger importance in the overall plot. However, dystopian fans may find this an enjoyable read, especially as it features a complete story arc and doesn't leave readers hanging on the edge of a cliff.

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