Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW Jasper Fforde!

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

I have loved Jasper Fforde's books since I first discovered The Eyre Affair in high school. I've since gone on to read, and reread, all his novels, not to mention listen to them all on audio book at least a dozen times each. Fforde has the ability to write intelligent humor that feels at once comforting and fun while still intellectual. His books cross genre boundaries, and with The Last Dragonslayer, I'm sure he'll cross age boundaries as well.

16 year-old Jennifer Strange is a foundling now working for Kazam Mystical Arts Managment- actually, since the disappearance of the owner, she's running it, which means taking care of a dozen-odd wizards and all the dull (but vital) paperwork doing magic now requires. But when wizards begin foreseeing the death of the last dragon, Jennifer tries to figure out what's going on. Her investigations thrust her into the spotlight, and a new job that plays a vital role in life and death of the last dragon. Jennifer is intelligent and resourceful, able to navigate strange situations and ever-changing roles. Funny, intelligent, mysterious, and fantastical, Fforde has once again created a bizarre yet believable world just far enough removed from our own that we can laugh at his social and political critiques. Intelligent middle-grade readers who enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict Society will delight in this novel, savvy teens will enjoy Fforde's cultural critiques and fast plot, and adult fans of Fforde's books will not be disappointed. A brilliant book, The Last Dragonslayer should spark conversation and laughs from readers of all ages.

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