Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Squid and Octopus Friends for Always

by Tao Nyeu
Dial Books, Penguin, June 28th, 2012

Tao Nyeu's work is charming and whimsical and her newest picturebook is no exception. Like Mo Willems' Amanda and her Alligator, Squid and Octopus Friends for Always is a beginning reader-influenced pictureboook with short chapters. Squid and Octopus are best friends who support one another in spite of their many differences. This adorable duo (yes, a knitting squid is perfectly adorable) engages in normal activities that seem like new adventures when played out under the sea. The illustrations are playful and Tao's limited palette of blues, greens, yellow, and orange allows her myriad of details and intricate patterns to shine without detracting from the composition as a whole. There are many books featuring a pair of friends, but readers are certain to make room on their shelves for Squid and Octopus.

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