Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Summer Read (with aspiring roller girls)

The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford
Scholastic, April 2012

Minty (roller girl name Minty Fresh) and her best friend Paz (or Pax A. Punch) plan on spending the summer hanging out on the block and practicing roller derby moves. But the Mean Boys are monopolizing the street, Paz's little sister is concerned about the Bat-Man, there's unfinished business at the witch house on the other side of the woods, and someone has placed a curse on Paz. Minty's problems escalate when Paz starts hanging out with some older girls and ignores Minty. When Minty stumbles upon a tree full of people's secrets in the woods, she is draw back, as is Raymond, a mysterious new boy in the neighborhood. Together, Minty and Raymond set out to match the secrets with their writers, and maybe solve their mysteries in the process.

Standiford spins an intriguing summer mystery that explores the importance of a neighborhood. Minty is a strong, well-rounded character whose love of roller derby will introduce a new generation to the sport. Cute and quirky, fun and current- with a twist of Maryland flavor- this is a stellar summer novel.

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