Monday, April 30, 2012

Stunning realistic novel

See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles
Candlewick, May 2012
With three siblings, Fern feels overlooked. Her three-year old brother Charlie is the light of their parent's life and the only one who doesn't find her father's attempts to promote the family restaurant embarrassing. Fern's older brother is concerned about riding the bus to school and his new boyfriend. Her older sister is annoyed at being at home while all her friends are at college. No one except her best friend Ran has any time for her- except Charlie, and his attention tends to be sticky and bothersome. When disaster strikes the family, everyone feels alone, stranded in personal grief and blame. Will anything pull them back together again?

Jo Knowles weaves the difficult issues of coming out, bullying, death, grief, and blame into her narrative. Readers will be swept along by the character's emotions, crying when they do and grabbing on to the moments of hope that break through. At once heart-breaking and uplifting, See You at Harry's is a stunning realistic novel. Ages 12+

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