Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun, fresh board book

There are so many concept board books that it's easy to get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. But Janik Coat brings life, innovation, and laughs to Hippopposites. While the book starts with a basic small/large spread, it quickly moves to more interesting comparisons, including full/empty in which a layer of the cardboard has been physically removed from the book so that children can feel the depression. Opaque/transparent is another innovative spread- I'm certain there's a child somewhere who will pick the words as his new favorites. Clear/blurry and invisible/visible are two other opposites I've never encountered in a board book but which are important concepts for any child. However, my absolute favorite is the front/side page, where the hippo's side is simply a thin line- I laughed aloud when I came to it. Hopefully Janik Coat will be creating more board books in the future - fresh design and twists on classic concept books are exactly what we need on the shelves.

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