Monday, October 8, 2012

Lunar Chronicles, Book 2

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Macmillan, February 5, 2013
The sequel to the best-selling Cinder, Scarlet finds Cinder trying to escape the Commonwealth's prison. Meanwhile, in France, Scarlet is searching for her grandmother, who recently disappeared. Scarlet (who always wears a red hoodie) runs into Wolf, a street fighter who may have information about her grandmother. Intent on rescuing her grandmother, Scarlet travels to Paris with Wolf and romance blossoms along the way. Cinder and Scarlet's stories gradually weave together as the stakes continue to rise.  Together, Cinder and Scarlet will have to work to thwart the Lunar Queen Levana, who is more devious than they thought, in order to save the Earth and Emperor Kai. Those who loved Cinder will devour Scarlet and howl for more. 

*My fantastic Macmillan rep, Bob, ran this ARC over to me the day he received it-- and he wasn't even back from vacation until the following day. I finished the book a few days later (this was back in July). But it just goes to show how amazing publisher reps can be.

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