Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Terry Pratchett

Dodger by Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett weaves together mystery, fantasy, and history into a dark and humorous novel set in an alternative Victorian London. This rags to riches story features Dodger, a tosher who makes his living finding things in the sewers. Out one night, Dodger hears men beating a young woman and intervenes, rescuing her. The act will change his life forever and is the first in a series of events that bring Dodger to the attention of a Mr. Charles Dickens, newspaper man. Mr. Dickens is one of many borrowed characters to appear in Dodger, and I found myself greeting each one with delight. Readers intimidated by Pratchett's Discworld novels may find Dodger is the perfect introduction to Pratchett's many books.

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