Friday, July 9, 2010

Holly Hobbie's Horse Book

Everything but the Horse: A Childhood Memory
written and illustrated by Holly Hobbie
Little, Brown & Company, October 2010
Based on her own experience as a child, Hobbie writes about the dream of many children: owning a horse. Young Holly has a stable, pasture, and hay, everything she needs for a horse. She even hangs her drawings of horses around the house, telling her parents that a horse is her greatest wish. But when young Holly goes out to the barn on her birthday, what will she find?

This is a sweet story of longing, but also of acceptance when owning a horse doesn't become a reality. Unlike the disappointment many children face when they don't receive their expected horse, young Holly is delighted when she receives a bicycle for her birthday instead. The watercolor illustrations are classic Hobbie and make this book a wonderful gift for young horse lovers.

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