Friday, July 9, 2010

Teen Blurbs

All of these books have shown up on school summer reading lists this year but they're just as good for packing as a beach read...

Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment
By James Patterson
If you want a gripping book you’ll be unable to put down, look no further. Max’s life is a game of cat and mouse– and she’s a mouse, caught in a twisted experiment in which she is hunted by other kids. But Max is no ordinary girl, she has wings and the kids chasing her? Well, they’re half wolf. Get ready for a thrilling ride. 12 & up.

By Terry Prachett
A giant wave destroys islands, ships, and entire communities, leaving two survivors stranded on an island: the island boy Mau and Daphne, a rich princess from the other side of the globe. Together they must overcome language and culture barriers, uniting a rag-tag group of survivors and unveiling the secret past of the island. This book explores colonialism, religion, belief systems, and cultural differences in an exciting fictional story of survival. Ages 13 & up.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
By Mark Haddon
A book that everyone should read and every school should teach. Curious Incident is narrated by Christopher Boone, a fifteen-year old with Autism. When Christopher discovers the neighbor’s poodle Wellington stabbed with a pitchfork, he resolves to solve the murder. Using mathematics to understand the world around him, Christopher takes a remarkable journey - in many senses of the word. Though a quick read, Christopher’s voice will stay with you even if your copy of the book is immediately passed on. 7th grade & up.

By Marjane Satrapi
A memoir in graphic novel form, Satrapi tells of her experiences growing up in Iran. From parents talking politics and torture at the dinner table to friends at school, Persepolis chronicles the daily life of a child trying to understand difficult political circumstances while still trying to be a kid. Emotional and political, yet spotted with moments of humor, Satrapi’s coming of age story is fascinating. Her simple black and white illustrations capture everything from drama to ordinary details and subtle expressions. Age 15 & up.

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