Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Middle Reader Princess Stories

I've been writing up some blurbs for work and thought I'd share them, if just to remind you of older books that are worth grabbing. And not only are they magnificent (and make super kids' book club selections) but they're in paperback!
Just Ella

by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Out of the reams of Cinderella stories, my very favorite is Just Ella.
Ella, as Prince Charming’s betrothed, is living at the castle, being educated as befits a princess. But being a servant allowed her more freedom than the role of princess and Ella soon finds herself confined in the dungeons. Though Ella now looks like a princess, she remains a strong, independent young woman. She decides to escape once and for all, determined to create her own place in the world, one free of the constraints of others. 3rd grade plus.
Dealing with Dragons
By Patricia C. Wrede
There are much more interesting things than needlepoint, genealogy, and etiquette, like magic, cooking, and fencing. But Princess Cimorene’s parents have forbidden her to do anything interesting and have decided to marry her off to a boring prince. So Cimorene does the only sensible thing, taking the advice of a frog, she runs away to live with dragons. This book is full of adventure and humor and is a wonderful read-aloud for children 5 & up.

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