Saturday, July 31, 2010

Picture Books about Reading

This week two books have come in about dogs who love reading. Before I knew it a selection of books had congregated on a display wall- all of which are about loving reading and books.
Dog Loves Books
by Louise Yates
Dog loves books so much he has decided to open a bookstore so that he can share them! But when the only people who visit want directions or tea, he gets downhearted. So Dog begins to read, traveling to different places and having exciting adventures, until someone arrives looking for a book. A sweet story about sharing one's love of books with airy illustrations and a drawing style reminiscent of Peter Sis.

How Rocket Learned to Read
by Tad Hills
Schwartz & Wade Books
While napping one day, Rocket the dog is interrupted by a little yellow bird intent on teaching him to read. But Rocket has more important things to do, like playing, chasing, and running. That is until Rocket realizes that if he learns to read, he can read stories! A quiet book for the kindergarten crowd.
Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don't)
by Barbara Bottner
illustrated by Michael Emberly
Librarian Miss Brooks is so excited about books she dresses up for every story-time. But no book can get our narrator excited. Finally, it's book week, and everyone must find a book to share with the class. But everything is too flowery, sweet, nice, good, or normal for our narrator until her mother mentions warts. And just what book is gross enough to win over our narrator? You'll just have to read to find out.

Lola at the Library
by Anna McQuinn & Rosalind Beardshaw
Every Tuesday Lola and her mommy go to library. Lola returns her old books, checks out new ones, and takes part in a story time or activity as well. This simple story is accompinied by loose and colorful illustrations that will have young children excited to return to the library. A simplified board book version is also available for the youngest of book lovers.

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