Friday, July 9, 2010

The Taking Tree: A Parody for Grown-ups

Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree was one of my mom's favorites. The classic story of a selfless tree who gives her very life to help a boy, aiding him from childhood through adulthood. Some people dislike this story, viewing the boy as someone who takes advantage of the tree. Well, for them, and as a laugh for the rest of us, is The Taking Tree: a Selfish Parody by Shrill Travesty and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins.

Despite the fact that the tree is the kid's best friend, the kid has no qualms taking it's branches and acorns to hurt people with or carving "McCain Palin" into it's trunk. The kid is a total jerk, forcing the oak tree to grow apples and other such ridiculous things. But the tree will have it's revenge in the end....

A riotous picture book for grown-ups that needs to be on your coffee table.

Simon & Schuster, Fall 2010

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